Complete Cleaning (Southern)
Keeping it clean, wherever you are

Residential cleaning

Anything that Complete Cleaning (Southern) covers in respect of commercial cleaning also applies to households and residential properties. Again, our contracts our tailored to specific requirements. Please see the separate sections for details of our window and carpet cleaning services.


End-of-tenancy and domestic

Do you own a property which is changing tenancy? If so, it will almost certainly need a 'deep clean' prior to the arrival of the next occupant.

A thorough wipe-down with an anti-bacterial product would be necessary for all fitted cupboards and fixings, as well as wall tiles, doors, skirting boards, etc.

Complete sanitisation of the bathroom is essential and scale may pose a problem to you. We have specialist products that will bring toilets/bathrooms up to the high standard that both you and your tenant would most certainly require.

We offer scheduled spring cleans or a one-off domestic clean. Complete Cleaning (Southern) liaises with landlords, letting agencies, housing associations and private tenants to ensure that a first-class service is provided.



The long-term damage to your property from blocked guttering cannot be underestimated. If rain-water is not drained and channelled efficiently, it can enter the building foundations or run down walls and cause dampness.

Complete Cleaning (Southern) can clean gutters up to 65 feet (20 metres) high. For taller or inaccessible structures, we arrange the use of specialist equipment.

When we carry out this service, if we discover that an accumlated blockage has damaged either the fascia or adjacent roofing, we will photograph as necessary and advise that a repair is needed.

Again, we offer a scheduled or one-off clean.


How Clean Is Your House?

In 2007, our staff were lucky enough to assist Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie, presenters of the Channel 4 series How Clean Is Your House?, in one of their programmes.

Our team were called in to clean the windows of a property in Wareham, Dorset. We were told afterwards that they were very pleased with the standard of our work, which is always great to hear from any customer, big or small.

They were happy to pose for photos and signed autographs for us, which are now hung in our office with pride.